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Medical massage (and often, even fancy spa massage) fees range into $175-$275 per hour. As such, it is not affordable to many who truly need help with injury or chronic painful structural issues.  I believe that this form of massage is not a luxury. It is a focused treatment to help you better understand and regain control of and comfort in your body. The difference that Orthopedic with Myofascial Release Massage offers is quick, targeted, lasting results. You will find significant relief and gain in only 1 to (at most) 6 sessions if you actively and faithfully participate in the strengthening and stretching and do not reengage in injurious activity.

In an ongoing effort to offer the listed rates below, health insurance and credit cards are not accepted or billed directly through this office. However, Venmo is accepted (a smart phone application for making payments using your CC or HSA card) and receipts can be provided for you to submit to your health insurance provider or health savings plans records- per visit, monthly or annually. Please check with your policy provider to understand your coverage.

1st Session Intake Orthopedic/Myofascial Release Massage:

Approximately 180+ minutes - $325

                               Specific problem injuries,

                                            Chronic conditions,

                                                     Intensely painful areas of focus

Includes a comprehensive interview, health history and physical assessment, 90 minutes of hands-on treatment, a follow-up evaluation and recommendations for stretching and strengthening to maintain the bodywork. 

Please allow 2.5+ hrs for this initial session and be sufficiently HYDRATED. Bring a pair of comfortable athletic shorts, or stretchable underwear; women- please include a sports style top.


Standard Rates*:

60 minutes - $125

90 minutes - $150

Please note that beyond your time on the table, all sessions are calendar-booked for an additional 30 minutes (that is not included in your massage time.) Thus, if you book a 90 minute massage, don't plan to be in-and-out of the door in 90 minutes! Plan your time accordingly to also allow for the necessary:

  • initial progress review and any changes in health
  • any need to repeat physical assessments 
  • appropriate time to change out of/into clothing to get on/off the table
  • pre-massage application of infra red or moist heat/cold therapy
  • post-massage explanation of findings
  • demonstration and practice of any recommended stretches and strengthening exercises
  • payment and future scheduling
  • time is required for your therapist to record NYS mandated notes
  • sanitization protocols 

*As of June 1st, 2024, I have not raised my rates in 8 years whereas my operating costs have nearly doubled in that amount of time. I am not doubling my rates, though I am making small increases that share this burden and are necessary for me to continue to serve you. Additional discounts are available through the purchase of the treatment cards below.

**To assure availability of treatment to ALL, discounted rates may be available if there is a demonstrated need to Full-Time Students, Senior Citizens with a limited fixed income, Unemployed or persons on Disability offer experiencing economic hardship (with proof).  Please inquire for pricing.



Continuing Treatment Cards are available upon request:

Buy 10 massages, and get the 11th free.

You can pay for a package in advance to receive a punch card AND we'll keep track too (just in case you lose it.)

Package of 10 (+1free) 60 min medical massages @$120 = $1200  

 (That works out to be $16 off each hourly massage, that's only $109 per hour for orthopedic medical massage, and $175 total discount off the standard price of 11 massages!)

Package of 10 (+1free) 90 min medical massages @$140 = $1400   

 (That works out to be about $23 off per 90 minute massage, only $85/hour for orthopedic medical massage, and a total discount of $250 off the standard price off (11) 90 minute massages!)


NO other coupons, specials, discounts can be used towards obtaining this reward.


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