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"Diane is among the most skilled and gifted practitioners that I have experienced in over 30 years of involvement with holistic and alternative therapies. I came to her for help with an injured shoulder and found relief for chronic knee problems and a nagging back issue along with immediate restoration of the shoulder. Her services have vastly improved the quality of my daily life and have been an excellent 'value in relation to cost' experience."

-Douglas MacIntyre, Therapist and Consultant


"I have to say that, of the many different places I've gone for massage, you by far are the best at deep tissue work! I have never felt more "revivified" than after a session with you. The way you use muscle mechanics to pinpoint the issues and work them out is the best.  Thank you for the gift of your massage technique!!"  

 -Sue Nieznanski, Banking Professional & Zumba Instructor


"Every time I go see Diane, I come away feeling so much better.... refreshed, renewed and revived!"  

 -Rita Straubhaar, ASL Educator & Artist


"I wanted to drop a line and thank you for all the help you have given me with my lower back pain. You are not the first massage therapist I have been to, but you certainly are the best! It is obvious in working with you that you have an excellent knowledge of muscles and their relationship to the rest of the body. I am most impressed by your sensitivity when giving massage. You have an excellent balance between doing what has to be done to fix the problem, and not causing the patient excessive pain in the process.
Also, I very much appreciate your teaching me not only what is causing the problem, but also in educating me on how to change my habits to help avoid future problems. I never leave a session without feeling much better than when I arrived!!
Again, thanks and I look forward to working with you in the future. If you ever need a reference I would be happy to provide one."   

-Wilfred (Bill) Rhodes, Computer Repair


"I have been with Diane since her start in Massage Therapy. The skill and knowledge she has gained from her advanced training and certifications in muscle care have been a blessing to me in her ability to help my rotator cuff problem. At my age now, surgery won't help. Cold and damp weather affect the shoulder which Diane can sooth and give relief to.  Diane is the best LMT by far, and after every session I know I've been touched by an Angel."   

-Larry Zumchak, Retiree


"When I first came to Diane I was suffering from debilitating hand and wrist problems which were making it difficult and painful to do simple tasks like turning a key or door nob, pulling up my socks, or lifting things that had any weight to them. Diane spent a lot of time listening attentively and asking questions to find the sources of the problem before she started working on it. She has a great understanding of how all of the muscles and tendons work together, and how problems often stem from areas that may not even be hurting, since everything is connected. She has helped me so much, not only does my hand feel much better, but she has gotten rid of aches and pains that I had just learned to live with over the years. She is very caring and it's obvious she is very dedicated and loves what she is doing. She has a real desire to help people, and with her knowledge and TLC she does that very successfully!!!"

-Barbara Silva, Dental Hygienist


"I have many health issues that I have been dealing with that have been unresolved with traditional medicine.  Among them restless leg syndrome, foot pain, aching in my hands from trigger fingers, Raynaud's and arthritis. Diane has attentively listened and addressed all my issues.  She is extremely knowledgeable and shares that information with me so I understand what is going on with my body.  She truly takes a personal interest in her patients and makes you feel like you and your issues are extremely important for her to understand.  She's the kind of person you will not only want as a therapist but as a friend!!!!"  

 -Amy Deiure, Business Assistant


Diane Addabbo, LMT, was introduced to me for my healthful benefit by my Chiropractor.

Diane and I have been working on this now 68 year old body for more than two years.  This body is "gifted" with issues relating to the spine, particularly its lower region.  She brings a broad ranging knowledge of the human body to her work.  The combination of her massage techniques along with exercises she has provided me, had muted my ongoing issues, leaving  me more flexible, functional, for my day to day.  

One time in particular I had to make an six hour drive to Ohio, combined with some side trips.  I had been experiencing chronic hamstring and buttock pain for months,  Driving on short trips was ever more painful.  A massage was given the day before the trip.  The chronic pain was reduced to less than a nuisance during this trip of well over 16 hours of driving...

I am one who wishes  to merely lie on the massage table and be tended too, gently.  Diane does this while also having me do the necessary mutual involvement in the more focused massage efforts to find my problems and diminish them.

Repeating, her knowledge of human physiology  is extensive.  She is patient in her application of her knowledge.  She is concerned and engaged with her clientele.  She also brings a knowledge of good general health to her massage work as part of her efforts to enhance a more healthful life for everyone.  She brings an intelligence and humor to her work.  Diane is a gift to be appreciated for the healthful  benefits she can bring to her clients.  I highly  recommend her for any massage needs one can have.

-Tom Ryther, Retired Public Administrator


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